Decorating The Tree Stump House

Yesterday I updated you on the huge addition to the Tree Stump House which is actually now called Aunt Katri's Bed and Breakfast. If you missed it, go here.

There are 10 rooms, that includes a tower with a bedroom and a loft. 2 tunnels and a workshop. Today I will show you 3 rooms that I've started to decorate, getting ready for the "grand opening". These rooms aren't finished but they are starting to look more like home!

Pictured above is the living room which is the first room you see when you come through the front door. The front door is just behind the sofa.

We can sit at the table to enjoy a meal or sit in the rocking chair and watch the fire, watching the fire is very relaxing. This has become one of Gnomey's favorite spots to have his coffee!

Let's go up the stairs to the 2nd floor. One of the back bedrooms is Aunt Katri's bedroom. Cousin Ahti hung a painting just outside his aunt's bedroom. He loves this painting so much, it reminds him of his childhood when they lived in a small cabin.



  1. I love it! It's so cosy! I love how he holds his teddy bear :-) Your stories and stageing are awesome and I always look forward to your updates, here and on Facebook.

  2. Estas creando un bonito mundo dentro de esa casa

  3. Oh wow.... Sharon, this is looking totally epic! I can't believe you made all this!!!

    1. thanks Jennifer! It has literally sucked every spare minute I've had since Dec 2015. I have slowed down a bit now. I'll work a bit slower so I can crochet too. But I love this house so much, I could work on it everyday for the rest of the year and not ever get tired of it! I hope to, in the furture, replace anything that I didn't make with something I've made, for example the sofa or the dishes. To have it completely handmade, a goal to work on forever, haha

  4. I love <3 all your work you do. I like it best when I read it on Google+. I actually have to make some more of your Dress Me Bunnys for my children. They really love <3 them. My 6 yr old sleeps with his. My 3 & 2 yr old fight over the 1st one I made. I just want to let you know that I love your work. Even your little doll houses. I hope you are feeling better.😊 Love ya.❤

  5. Sharon you are incredible, I love all the work you do,amigurumi and your tree stump and furniture, you are so talented. I have thoughly enjoyed making your grumi pieces and now am going to try some furniture. Thank you Sharon xxx


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