Saturday, May 21, 2016

Big Mack The Paper Clay Rat

Meet Big Mack,

The other night I got the urge to make a couple of rats. In the past when  I've made a character from paper clay they end up with unmovable parts and that's no fun. I always wish I can at least move their arms. I managed it this time, with wire and clothing to hide the wire, he has poseable arms. I made the hands separately and those have poseable fingers! Next time I'll try moveable heads too.

Big Mack has a younger brother named  Lil' Jack. Here they are in the
beginning stage.

I use paper clay over a tinfoil base. The clay is built up in stages. I then cover them in fur that I make from yarn (flocking). More to come on these guys and I will have more details on how I make them then. For now I have to go and finish Jack, he's getting tired of waiting!


  1. You handiwork is spectacular!

  2. Your creations are a wonder and delight!

  3. Can't wait to see how you made these guys:)

  4. Un estupendo trabajo. Espero ver como lo haces.

  5. Fantastic work! I love Big Mac. (He's an exception. Usually I fear rats.)
    Hugs, Drora

  6. At first I thought they were needle felted. I love them they are to cute!

  7. WONDERFULL AND AMAZING !!! I'm dreming thanks of you !!!


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