Lil' Jack the Dirty Rat

Lil' Jack,
Last week I introduced you to Big Mack here. This is Mack's younger brother, Lil' Jack. As you can see, the brothers are very different. Lil' Jack has always been the smaller of the two. He often finds himself in trouble and rarely takes a bath. Big mack looks out for his little brother. They recently moved to the forest and live in an old boot.

A story,
The other day Big Mack and Lil' Jack came outside and were stopped in their tracks by something very unsettling. Big Mack did not move. His eyes were fixed in a suspicious, sideways stare...
"what are they?" he whispered.
Lil' Jack, who was just as suspicious and afraid, felt the need to run away. He whispered back,
"I have no idea but the one is holding his own head and I would like to go back inside now."
The brothers slowly and quietly shuffled backwards, tracing over the very same steps they took coming outside. They shut and locked the door and leaned up against it for a few minutes.
Once they got feeling into their legs again they walked to the kitchen and sat down. They grabbed their half empty coffee cups from the table and began sipping, ever so slowly, the remains in the cup. They barely noticed the coffee was now cold. They decided, without saying a word to each other, that they don't need to go outside today, or tomorrow.. or ever again.

Update May 2019:
The headless frog never did make into the world of the living but the mole did! His name is Henry, meet him here.


  1. Just love your work. You are so talented, and so generous in your sharing.

  2. Your so great at making these characters
    I have the mushroom house at the train show today on our miniature stand cant tell you how many people loved it wanted to buy it, but I can't part with it I love it too much, and Ive not finished it just yet lol

  3. Love the rats, everything else you make! Thanks for sharing your incredible creations:)

  4. Omg did I miss this!? the shoe made out of foil ect also?...geez.girl..soo many ideas and the stories u write are just as interesting..have u written children's books before?..u are very good at that too..course I'm wondering what u are NOT good at this point..once again thanks for sharing...I wish I was like "bewitched" and get all the ones I want to do..where do u find the time!!!sigh


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