Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Mama Rat Named Harriet

Don't they look so different once they get their fur and clothes?! It's always the fun part to watch them come to life. They end up with their own personalities too. They tell me how they want to look as I go along.  I never plan things out, I just start with an idea.

One of my favorite things about her outfit is those shoes! I made them with tinfoil. Masking tape then covered them in paper towel. The towel gives a real nice surface for painting. Thankfully I'm not a stickler for
perfection and this is how I build most everything. Perfectly imperfect.

Harriet does have a child.. I'm off to post that now. I'll be back shortly with a link!

But first:
from my previous post I told you, tinfoil base then masking tape. Paper towel dipped in glue over that. Once dry, paint whatever color the fur will be.
To add fur you brush on glue then add flocking. You can buy flocking but I make my own, of course!

I cut up yarn into tiny bits. Works like a charm!

The whiskers are the individual threads from a paint brush. I make a tiny hole where they should go, dip the one end in glue then push it into the hole. I actually do about 4 or 5 in one hole. Add flocking around the area and once dry they are stuck in there very good. You can pull on them, not yank, but pull and they won't come out.

Now off to post that baby!


  1. She is lovely! And thanks for telling your process for creating her. You make it sound so simple, but I know that's because you are so very talented and artistic!

    1. thank you so much for the kind words! That means a lot to me and you made me smile :)

      I will do a video one day but hate to keep people waiting on the process before I do one.

  2. Ha quedado muy simpática. Me gustan mucho los zapatos.


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