A Baby Rat Named Hazel

Can I just say, awwww!
I love baby Hazel, she's so cute.

And so the story goes:
Baby Hazel came to the bookshelf. It was instinct that told her she would find her mama there. And there she was! Mama! They were so happy to see each other, never to be parted again.

How I made the rat bodies,

I made them with foil covered in masking tape. Then I glue paper towel over that and paint it the color of the fir I will use.

Homemade flocking,
I make the flocking myself by cutting up acyrlic yarn into wee bits. Brush tacky glue on the body then cover the glue with the flocking. Wait for it to dry and brush off excess.

If you missed Mama Rat's introduction, go here


  1. Hi Sharon, I'm devoted to you and your creations. You are so kind and generous to guide us on 'how to and inspirations'. I'm a G'ma living in Central Queensland, Aus. The joy you've given to me cannot be expressed. Thank you so much xxx I'm currently working on an enchanted forest in my G'daughters bedroom and what enchanted forest wouldn't have a gnome home or fairy house ?? Once again thank you Sharon, keep well xx


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