How To Make Dollhouse Shingles Using Cardboard

Let's make some shingles for the roof,
Today I'm going to show you how I made shingles using cardboard from a box. I also show how I attach them and how I paint them. Use this technique on your Fairy house, Gnome home, or regular dollhouse!  I chose to make my roof a woodsy color but you can choose any color you wish.

Supplies needed:
cardboard, or foamboard, or chipboard
if you use a cardboard then you'll need wood filler to fill in open edges after cutting
tacky glue
x-acto knife
cutting mat
craft paint of your own choice. I used:
black, burnt umber, and golden brown
big and small paint brush
Optional: satin finish clear coat sealer
Optional: hot glue gun
Optional: moss to decorate

The video tutorial,
In this video I cut, glue on, and paint cardboard shingles. See the video's description box on youtube  for timestamps. I hope you enjoy!

Those tiny mushrooms,

In the video I also show how I "planted" some tiny mushrooms on the new roof. I have a separate video for making the mushrooms here.

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