How To Make Fake Wood or Chipboard For Building Miniatures

Make your own chipboard,

It's easy and super cheap to make. All you need is an empty cereal or cracker box and tacky glue. You can add as many layers as you need to to make it as thin or as thick as your project requires.

What can be made with it?

Use it as wood for making miniatures or for journal book covers. I think the possibilities with this are endless. I used it for making a miniature paper towel holder. Next I have plans to make a bookshelf EDIT: I made a kitchen hutch instead, view here.
Once the material  is painted it looks just like wood. It's easy to cut with an x-acto knife or scissors.

Recycling is awesome!

It's super fun and oh so satisfying to recycle old food boxes that would have been tossed out into something we can keep forever! And not to mention it's free. Have you seen the price of store bought chipboard? That stuff is crazy expensive.

How thick should I make it?
If you do use the cereal box or cracker box then every layer you add gives you about 1mm of thickness. So 3 layers together gave me a piece 3mm thick, 4 layers gave me 4mm and so on.  I found 3mm the perfect thickness for making my little paper towel holder.

Let's get started,
As I said earlier, you'll need some empty cereal boxes, tacky glue and something to roll over the finished piece with like a rolling pin, a jar, or a brayer.

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