Insomnia and a Worm In Progress

A little story. A warning though, I'm tired.
Things get a bit weird when I'm tired.
I'm gonna let you into a conversation between me and this blasted worm.

Late last night,
I wanted to sleep but sleep wouldn't come to me. I didn't want to get up or lay down. I didn't want to build anything or crochet anything. I was in insomnia limbo.


I listened to wonderful sleep videos and nature sounds but nothing worked.
I decided that I will then play with that little bit of clay I have left and make the form for this worm that's been wanting to be made for years now. Such a great idea..

He was excited!
"Finally", he says, when I formed his little lips, "Finally you make me!"

I was sort of happish by the time I was done with his shape.. sorta happish. And then, finally, I drifted off to sleep.

Today I'm feeling a bit of that insomnia hangover,
So I'm doing a little of this and a little of that with a pot of coffee in between.
About 2 hours ago I heard this tiny, and can I add annoying, voice:

Hey! Down here!
Did you forget about me?
Hey! I need color and some furry hair thingies all around me. Hey!

Oh my good lord, make him stop,
I started painting him to shut him up and I notice his eyes are weird.
So I told him, "Your eyes are weird."
He just glared at me.

I finished painting and that didn't take long.
But then I started adding in the furry hair thingies into all the holes I made for his furry thingies and dang it!

*strings and glue stuck to everything but inside the holes*

Ya, this part isn't so fun. I got 6 holes filled and I quit.
I told him, "I quit."

Have you ever heard a tiny worm say really rude things?
I did and it's really, really rude.

So I set him down somewhere over there out of my sight. I'm hoping I can't find him later when I attempt to finish adding those furry hair thingies.
12 MORE spots to go! UGH! And I don't like 3 of the holes I already filled. They might have to be pulled out.

" I thought I would love you Worm. If you think I'm gonna crochet you a tiny red scarf you are out of your tiny mind."

This story and conversation were brought to you by insomnia and coffee.
 ~ to be continued.

UPDATE: I have started on a brick house for this worm, check that post out here.


  1. I'm not the only insane person who has 'conversations' with creatures of my imagination 😂 love it!

    1. haha I believe there's a few of us.. just a few though ;)

  2. Oh, the little worm :D I'm looking forward to see him finished! Labyrinth is one of my absolute favorite movies since I was little :) I'm currently working on a head of the fire gang with animatronics to display it on a crafting fair.

    1. ohhh that's really cool. Have fun and good luck at the crafting fair!


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