A Brick Wall - The Worm Story Continues

Before we begin,
If you missed my previous post Insomnia and a Worm In Progress, do check that out. This wall goes with that Worm.

This was not planned,
This project or telling you how I am building any part of this project was not planned. Part way through I decided I would let you in on how I'm doing things but please keep in mind this is not a tutorial. But maybe it'll give you some ideas or spark some inspiration for a project of your own.

The brick wall,
This brick wall started off as a small cardboard box. I cut off the front flap because the way the box originally opened wouldn't work for what I had planned.

I cut the flap off the box then the flap into 2 pieces and reattached the bigger flap with masking tape, using the tape as hinges.

Video tutorial is here

Notice I also added a piece that sticks out on the front. I made this up with foil squished over an empty foil roll and some cardboard, all glued and taped into place. I needed this section. How else will the Worm be able to move along this wall and stop for conversations with me?

The bricks or rather the clay,
I used a homemade clay to make the bricks. You can find the recipe I use here. But first, and not pictured, I hot glued aluminum foil to the front 2 pieces that open. I wanted an uneven look to this side of the bricks.

I also wanted a surface over the cardboard that blocks moisture from seeping into it. This will keep the cardboard from warping and also from taking the clay longer to dry.

For the foil in the front, I added it in sections and around the opening that will be the entrance into the Worm's house. I had already cut a hole out for the door.

I squished the clay right over the foil. For the top of the box and the sides I covered the surface with masking tape, I didn't add any foil to these sections. I added the clay right over the tape.

Opening and closing the front of the wall,
I had to work a bit at the way the front pieces closed, this took some time and thinking ahead before adding the clay. I had to trim them after I already had them attached to the box. Doing it this way allowed me to see exactly how much space I needed.

Then I used the metal part of a large screwdriver and banged it along the edges a few times to get a bit more of a space between the pieces. I hung on tight to the doors as I did this so I didn't bang the hinges out of place.
It took a bit more work because of that extra bit that I added onto  the front. It probably would have been easier for me to add that bit that sticks out after I had the doors trimmed but I managed to make it work.

As I was adding clay to this area I kept checking to see how the 2 pieces closed together. Thankfully, the bricks are meant to look uneven so if something didn't work I could just cut it away without wrecking the final look of it. Any problem areas just added more character to it, I think anyway.

It looks like the front pieces are warped but they're actually not warped at all. I think it's just the angle of the photo.

I did the front section of the box first, set it in front of fans and let it fully dry before working on the top and the sides. I could have done it all at one time but I find it easier to work in sections sometimes.

After the clay was squished into place, and while it was still wet, I took a piece of crumpled foil and used it to add more texture by smashing it over the clay making marks and dents here and there.

Still working on it,
I now have to do the inside, of course. I just started this part then decided to stop and throw this post together for you so you can see what I've been up to so far.

I wanted the inside "doors" to look like the other side of the bricks but I didn't want to use clay for this part. I needed texture so I mixed a bunch of pepper (it's all I had on hand) with the paint. This has worked well and so far I haven't sneezed! But whoops, I forgot to add  the lines that separate the bricks. Dang it! Oh well, I'll figure it out later.

Final tidbits,
I'll post the next part as soon as I get more done. I have a busy couple of days ahead of me so I'm not sure when I'll get back to this project. Maybe by the weekend I'll have more to show you?

I will also tell you the Worm has a wife! I already made her. She's pretty cute in her own wormy  way, lol I'll save her reveal for the next post. She loves company and is dying to make you a cup of tea!

UPDATES and a Video,
I actually changed the design of the inside and turned it into 2-rooms with a  fold out floor.  It's also full of furniture. You can see a video tour here

I'll see you soon but even sooner if you stay in touch on facebook and/or follow me on instagram.
Hope to see you there 💗


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    1. I haven't. I looked it up and it looks great but it seems to be harder to find in Canada, at least online anyway.


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