DIY 4 Inch Rat Tutorial Using Basic Supplies No Clay

Let's make a Rat!

In this tutorial I will show you how I made this rat using  some pretty basic supplies like foil and twine, some bristles of an old paint brush and some yarn. I'll take you through the whole process in 4 step by step videos. I leave nothing out.

They teach me things,

This rat in particular taught me some pretty amazing things. I think his fingers/toes, his teeth and his eyes turned out better than I've ever made in the past. I'm pretty excited to show you some of these things, I hope you enjoy the process too!

You can scale it up or down depending on how big you make his body. This particular rat in the video tutorial is just under 4 and 1/2 inches tall. The twine I used for fingers and toes turned out to be the perfect thickness and size for this size of rat.

I'm totally aware he has one too many fingers,
Yes, I know. I tried to tell him but he insisted on the thumb. Who am I to argue with a rat? You can read the whole story here and see pictures of him without fur.

masking tape
paper towel
acrylic yarn in any color
sharp scissors
paint the same color or similar to the yarn color
tacky glue and a regular white glue if you have it
needle nose pliers
20 gauge wire
jute twine

craft paint colors I used:
skin tone
burnt sienna

Videos parts 1-4,
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