The Rat Who Demanded Five Fingers

A Wizard Rat in the works,

I didn't plan this but a Rat has decided to come into the world. He's a Wizard and he told me that October was the best time to be born for a Wizard Rat. Who am I to argue?

I asked him if I could film his "coming into the world" and he said that was okay with him as long as I didn't edit anything out that would make him look less than wizardly. I agreed to his terms and went to work bringing him to life.

Now, I'm no expert, but I thought I knew that rats have 5 hind toes and 4 front toes. Yesterday I gave him exactly that. I worked until the wee hours of the morning then went to sleep.

This morning I found him standing on my desk where I left him. He was rather annoyed and all wound up like a clock so I asked him,
Anything wrong?

He looked at me with contempt for an awkward length of time then held out his hands and asked me how I could possibly think he only needed 4 fingers.

FOUR FINGERS! What the heck can I do with four fingers? I have potions to make, wands to hold.. things to do. HELLO!
I could clearly see he was about to lose it so I apologized and quickly got to work on those thumbs, after all, he is the Wizard and he knows what he needs.

He is now happily drying in front of the fan like he's at a spa!
Enjoy your time there little Wizard, I'll be back in a moment to give you some skin!

What this tutorial will show,
It's a full step by step that will show how to make a body, add the skin, make fingers/toes, and add the fur. I'll be including a wizard hat and cape too.
UPDATE: The video tutorial is now posted, view all 4 parts in the series here

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  1. I like a rat who can make his intentions clear. The pose with his feet on the fan make him look as if he is exhausted after a workout. :)

    1. it's exhausting getting all the body parts you want, lol

  2. I am just so impressed with your work. I really think if you haven't already, you should write childrens books with your characters to illustrate. Your intro to the rat was wonderful and I believe that children everywhere would love the stories you could tell about your creations and their adventures. I live in Australia but my daughter lives in London, Canada. She crochets as well. Take care, be safe. xx


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