Dracula Visits Aunt Katri's Bed & Breakfast

A special guest,
On this day, the 28th of October, a special guest arrived to Aunt katri's B&B. It is a guest gnomebody would ever imagine would visit their humble dwelling in the forest.

Knock ... Knock... knock
He stood there pale and tall and slightly gorgeous. He waited patiently for the door to open because he has all eternity so patience is his virtue.

He could hear her tiny feet shuffling along the floor, coming as quickly as she could to the door. He put his shoulders back and tested a smile.. then another. He ran his fingers along the points of his fangs to be sure nothing was left there from his breakfast to embarrass him

Aunt Katri opened the door with a smile. She was noticeably surprised at first, which is understandable. But she quickly remembered she was the host and he was a guest so she stood back and motioned him to walk in. She said,
Come in! You must be tired after your long journey. I'll fix you some coffee. Are you hungry? Can I get you a bowl of hot stew? Can I hang your cape? Come in, make yourself at home!
This is the wonderful thing about Aunt katri, she never judges, be it vampires, monsters, rats or gnomes, they are all welcome. She knows that her B&B is the heart of the forest and it should always feel like home to whoever visits there.

He didn't say anything as he walked in. He just looked around taking it all in, it was a bit bright for him and overwhelming. He turned to her and smiled, a bit weary looking now,
 If you'd be so kind, I need to rest. I would prefer somewhere dark.

Aunt Katri thought for a moment, she knew what he needed but there are no rooms like this available.
He was indeed a special guest.

Then it came to her! Her eyes brightened,
Yes! I have just what you need. I'll have Gnomey show you the way and then this evening, after dark, you can come down for that stew.
She called for Gnomey.
Can you show our guest to the Wonkie Cave please. I think he will feel more comfortable there until we can get him a proper "bed" to sleep in.
On the Eve Of Halloween,
It was October 30th, just 2 days after Dracula first knocked on the door, when Aunt Katri commissioned Ahti to make a proper bed, one that a vampire could sleep the day away in. He got right to work on that.

When Ahti was done with the frame he called for Dracula to test the size, make sure he would be comfortable with the dimensions. It wasn't done yet but wanted to be sure it was a good fit  before adding the paint and the silk lining.

As soon as he crawled inside, he turned to Aunt Katri, leaned over the side, and said lovingly,
My darling, this is more beautiful than I could have asked for. I thank you.

crocheted dracula in a coffin

Aunt katri was deeply touched by his sincerity. She told him to lay down, stretch his feet out and make sure it was the right size. He laid down, crossed his arms over his chest, and closed his eyes. A  smile came across his pale face as he whispered, "It's perfect."

dracula doll inside coffin and gnomes

to be continued...

Update: The coffin is now finished, see it here

Dracula was crocheted for me  by  Kim's Sticks and Strings. If you follow my page on facebook, some of you may remember Frankie and Mr.Roger and also Bob Ross, she is the maker of all of those. I have written stories for each of them and will be soon adding those stories to this blog tagged under the label "A Story".