The Coffin Is Finished

It was supposed to be done on Halloween,
I really tried to get this done by the 31st of October but I realized it was turning out just a bit more wonderful than I hoped it would so I took my time with the details.

If you missed the story,
You can read the story I wrote about him and the Gnomes here.

I ordered  Dracula himself from my good friend Kim's Sticks and Strings. She's made me a number of dolls now, and currently I have Wolfman on  order. I can't wait for his arrival!

I knew I had to make this vampire a coffin even before I got him. Once I saw his face I got to work right away.

I custom fit this coffin according to his measurements. I built it from scratch out of cardboard. I am so very happy with the end result! I did film it all and I'm debating if I should put up an actual tutorial for it.
Many won't see the beauty in a tiny coffin though,  it scares some people. But with some of the things I figured out along the way I think I'll be doing tutorials for different boxes, ones that people won't be scared of.

Thanks for stopping by.
Let me know if a coffin tutorial would be something you would be interested in. If I do put up the video for it, I'll link it here on this page.

UPDATE: Nov 4th
I decided after a wonderful response on facebook that I would do the tutorial for it. I'm currently editing the video now,.
I made another coffin with a peek-a-boo window and will include those window instructions as well. Stay tuned!

Update: Nov 13 
Video for coffin gift box is here


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