How To Make A Coffin Box Includes Jack Skellington Coffin Easy DIY

Let's make a Coffin Gift Box!

In October of 2019 I ordered a Dracula doll from my good friend. When he arrived I wrote a story and started on a coffin for him. You can read about that here.

The response was so awesome I decided to put together a tutorial for a coffin but then I decided to also include how to make a coffin into a gift box. You can make the box any size, turn it into a Jack Skellington coffin or make a tiny one! There's choices and I've included measurements for 3 different sized and shaped coffins plus a triangle shaped box.

A tutorial for the coffin with a hinged lid and velvet lining will follow soon!

Cardboard or foam board
tacky glue
masking tape
xacto knife
straight edge ruler
cutting mat

Some things to decorate the box:
paint colors of your choice
paint brushes
decorative paper
fabric or velvet
trinkets or jewelry pieces
small picture frame
rustic twine
book pages

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Below are the measurements for the  inside piece of each gift box. You use the inside piece to determine the size of the outside bottom piece which will then determine the size of your lid. You will have to view the video for the construction. Once you see how one box is constructed you could go on to make any size or shape box using measurements of your own choice.

Drac's Coffin Box: 
Length 6.5"
Width 2.5"
Shoulder line 2"
Top taper 0.5"
Bottom Taper 0.5"

Sides are 1.5" wide. Lengths for the side pieces are up to you, see video for explaination.

Mini Coffin Trinket Box:
Length 4"
Width 2"
Shoulder line 1 1/4"
Top taper 0.5"
Bottom Taper 0.5"

Sides are 1" wide.

Skellington Inspired Gift Box:
Length 8"
Width 4"
Shoulder line 2 1/4"
Top taper 1"
Bottom Taper 1 1/4"

Sides are 2" wide.

Triangle Gift Box:
Measure a  3" square then cut from one side 1 1/2" to each of the 2 corners.
Sides are 2" wide. Cut 3 separate pieces for the sides to maintain the pointy edges.

If you make one I'd love to see it!
Post pictures on my facebook page Where The Gnomes Live