About Me

Updated May 2019,

amigurumi designer

Who I am,
My name is Sharon Ojala, (a Finnish last name pronounced O-yah-lah).
I'm a Finnish girl born in Canada.
I'm in my 40's. I have 3 children and 2 cats.
I'm a positive thinker who usually finds the silver lining in any dark cloud.

Some health struggles,
In Sept of 2016 I became extremely sick, in fact, almost died a couple times. I was in and out of hospital until the middle of 2017.  I have since been diagnosed with an unknown auto-immune disease that attacked my heart, lungs and other organs. I was also diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Both diseases are now under control with infusions every 8 weeks and a daily medication.

I refuse to say "my disease". These diseases are not mine. I believe that my body got confused and soon I will be in complete remission. It's been a long road with many ups and downs but right now I am feeling good and getting stronger everyday.

These things make me happy,
I love coffee, designing yarny toys, Harry Potter, LOTR, anything Jane Austen, story telling,  all things miniature, and building a fantasy world where gnomes, mice, and other little creatures live.

When the crafting began,
I started building dollhouses for my kids around 2011. I ventured into the crafting world and making things myself  around 2010 because, honestly, I couldn't afford the store bought things.
I was a single mom with kids to care for and making them things became a part of us. They spent countless hours playing with things I made them. That's a feeling that can not be fully described. I wanted to share that feeling with the world so I started blogging to do just that.

Pictured below is my daughter Gracie with a dresser I turned into a dollhouse for her in 2011, more about that project here

What I'm working on today,
Today I have a very large Gnome Home and one very large tree in my craft room that I am furnishing and making  characters  for. My kids are now too old for these things but I'm old enough to enjoy them! (Some of you will totally get that).

I also design dolls and toys with yarn too. I have new designs always in the works that I add to my other blog on a pretty regular basis. Check it out! Amigurumi To Go

My youngest son Jordan (large tree behind him)  and a yarny wizard doll I designed (wizard pattern and link list here)

Crafting is like breathing,
I truly believe a crafty world is a better world. I want to share crafting with as many people as I can before I leave this planet. It can change lives. It changed mine! Crafting is more than just knowing how to do something, it's about learning, growing and sharing. It's about creating our own worlds, no matter what's going on around us A world filled with creativity, positivity and love. These aren't just fun words I've chosen, I believe them to be true.

Our community,
I believe in the crafting community. By giving and sharing with that community it builds, not just one, but everyone up. It's never-ending! I get countless messages from all over the world how crafting has changed a life, how it's brought joy,  how it's helping to supplement an income, how it helps people cope with depression, and on it goes. I treasure these messages. I feel blessed and honored to be part of this crafting community.

A Big Change!

In January 2019 I wanted to change the name of my original facebook page from "Dollhouses And The Things That Go In Them" to "Where The Gnomes Live" so that all my social media site names are the same but facebook wouldn't let me. I tried and tried again.

They flat out denied my appeal!

The only alternative was start a new page BUT my original page had close to 12,000 members. Yikes, that was a lot of people I would leave behind if I started over with a new page.

I decided it was worth the gamble.

I told everyone on my page what I was doing and to come over and like the new page. Well, I found out that people don't like change and only about 1,000 of them moved over and the rest are missing out.

That's okay, I'll build it back up, it'll take lots of hard work just like the first page took. So with that said, like my new page, there's lots of exciting things happening all the time. Come over to the Gnome's side and gie it a like, Where The Gnomes Live. Don't forget to choose "follow" so you get me in your newsfeeds.

Much Love and Happy Crafting!