Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tree Stump House Part Four

Paint, Windows and Baseboards,

Part four has been wrapped up and in now on youtube! Since I posted the last time I had many delays, mostly it was me having troubles laying the wooden shingles and also getting the bark color just right. I think I'm there with the color, although there might be a slight color change yet.. I haven't decided yet.. but for
now it's good. We'll talk about the shingles in a bit.

Over the last 9 days I got the interior paint finished and baseboards installed. For those I used strips of plastic, the same plastic I used on the roof. I'm so glad I used plastic since I could mold them perfectly to the uneven walls! I wrapped the plastic in masking tape then rolled them in newspaper and glue to make the "boards" a bit thicker then a couple coats of paint and I hot glued them in place. I gave the entire interior 2 coats of matte sealer finish. So now the interior walls have a  nice texture and a great finish for wiping clean when needed in the future.

I also added in some windows sills. Again I built those with tin foil and covered in masking tape and paper mache.

And then I made windows for the back and those open and close and they are oh so cute! I call them my knot hole windows :)

I show how I made the windows and how I attached hinges in the video.

The shingles were tricky to lay over a wonky shaped roof! I made a bit of a mess the first time and ended up having to cover up 2 of the windows I had in the roof, remember I had 4 windows there. Then once I got to the top of the roof there was no way to finish it because the roof line dipped so much so I had to stop and add in more bark. That scared me a bit and I thought I had ruined my roof but in the end it worked out. I peeled off some of the shingles and laid them back down, straightened them out best I could. Then I cut the new bark to fit each shingle along the roof line which gave it a neat finish... success at last!

Today I've already started the fireplace and I have to say how awesome that is going to be!! I'm using egg cartons and oh my gosh, I love it!! The next video will be all about the fireplace so make sure to come back for part five to see it

I'm also going to be making a door.. I don't what kind of door but it's going to be awesome!

Here's the posts already up if you want to see the original house and it's progress. Each one has a video:

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part four is this post you're reading. The video for this post is right here

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!

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