Monday, June 22, 2015

Gnome House Update

I haven't had an update on this particular house in a while now. But lately I have done some work on it. Today I spent about 2 hours just aging the bark using chalk and paint. I also added some moss that I bought at a dollar store.
And a few days ago I lowered the windows. It was something I was dreading and had me at a standstill, not wanting to work on it because those windows were way too high. A miscalculation on my part. But  they are fixed now and they even got curtains!
You can see in the before photo the windows were just too close to the ceiling and I also had one window that
was useless so I turned it into a book nook instead.

Gnomey is quite happy the windows are lower...
so he went right to work and made curtains!
Look at him, yikes! He needs a proper ladder.

What a guy!

Ok that's it. Gnomey wants to get back to work. He said he'll invite you in at another time. Come back soon :)
You will also find all my craft and dollhouse instagram photos on ojala_crafts

See you there!


  1. U are SO talented!! I love all the little details!!

  2. It came out so well! It is encouraging to find others get frustrated and at a stand still on certain projects. I guess I need to get back to mine now!

  3. Me encanta tanto como a Gnomey. Las ventanas han mejorado al hacerlas más grandes y bajas. Las cortinas quedan estupendamente.

  4. How beautiful! You are very talented. :)

  5. I watched all of the videos you did putting the gnome house together and I'm just amazed. Love your little gnome too. Did you make him?

    1. thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed them and yes, I made him. You can see his first post here My First Needle Felted Gnome

    2. For the inside did you paint directly over the paper mache?

    3. yes I did.The paint cracked for the first 2 coats but after that it went on smoothly

  6. Just gorgeous Sharon your a very clever lady with all the marvelous crafts you achieve!
    Just adore your figures especially the mice I would love to make some of those for a friend whose making a mouse house on a small scale, she had her ideas come from Karina Schaapman who created "The Mouse Mansion" from the Netherlands you may have heard of her, her work is exceptional as well!
    So lovely of you to share all these tutorials I'll be here awhile checking it all out! love it!

    1. oh yes I have heard of her, I have one of her books. She's also on facebook too, you can add her as a friend. I adore the Mouse Mansion, it's one of my favorites for sure. So many details and it's all just so charming.

      Thank you again :)


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