Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mushroom House Update 4 Balusters and Railing Cap

Continuing on from the previous post and now adding the railing:

For the balusters (the sticks holding up the railing cap) I used rolled tinfoil wrapped in masking tape then covered in glue soaked paper towel. Once the paper towel and glue was dry I painted them with instant coffee mixed with a little bit of water (2 coats) then sprayed
them to seal in the coffee stain with a matte sealer.

I cut them into the length I needed then hot glued each one to the deck.
I forgot to take photos of the railing cap in progress, my bad, sorry! But I  used a cereal box cut into 3 or 4 inch strips. I fit each strip by laying it on top of the balusters then by eye cut them to form. Once I had 3 strips cut to form, with the ends overlapping each other, I taped them together to make one long strip. I wrapped the fitted strips in tinfoil, then masking tape then paper towel just as I did for the balusters.

I know it wouldn't seem like this was a sturdy way to do things but once all together it would take force to tear it apart. There will be more material too that gets added as I get further into the project and each material (example: moss and/or vines) that gets added will add even more stability to the deck. I also added more clay underneath the base so it's sitting on a good solid base.

The mouse is also in progress, I blogged a bit more of him here

come back soon  for the next update.

Click here for the previous update.

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