Mushroom House How I made The Wrap Around Deck

A Mushroom House,
I made a foil form first for the stem part of the house then covered the foil in a homemade clay. Once the clay hardens the structure is solid. The cap is made the same way but as a separate piece.
I have a tutorial link available at the bottom of this page for a different mushroom house using the same technique to get the stem form and cap.

The support piece,
Because my deck wasn't planned I had to add a support piece first. I did this by hot gluing rolled foil around the house, then I put masking tape over the foil. This isn't done yet, there will be clay added after the deck pieces are made.

The deck,
I cut  pieces of cardboard first then glued wooden stir sticks over top those cardboard pieces and let dry under heavy books for about 1/2 hour. I made the deck in sections.  I have a tutorial on how I use the stir sticks for floors here.

Putting it all together,
Once the deck sections were dry I  glued them to the top of the support piece. Then I squished clay all around under the cardboard, making sure it covers the support piece, also blending it into the wall and cardboard.

When the clay was dry the cardboard, the support ring, and the stem of the house, all became one solid piece.

How I made the balusters,
The sticks holding up the railing cap. I could have used real sticks but decided to make them instead. I used rolled foil wrapped in masking tape then covered in glue soaked paper towel.

I have a video on how I make fake wooden sticks here. It's a tutorial for a wizard's staff but the technique is the same.

Once the paper towel and glue was dry I painted them with instant coffee mixed with a little bit of water. I put on a few coats, allowing it to dry in between coats.

When I finally liked the color and all was was dry I sprayed them with a matte sealer to seal in the coffee stain. You ave to seal in coffee stain or it eventually rubs off.

Railing cap,
I forgot to take photos of the railing cap in progress, sorry! I used a cereal box cut into 3 or 4 inch strips. I fit each strip by laying it on top of the balusters then by eye cut them to form.

Once I had 3 strips cut to form, with the ends overlapping each other, I taped them together to make one long strip. I wrapped the fitted strips in foil, then masking tape then paper towel just as I did for the balusters.

I have a small mushroom house tutorial that has a video here. If you wanted a house like one pictured below, make the form taller then add the clay over the entire surface.

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