Remove Pinecone Scales Without Pliers

Perfect for a Fairy House roof,
Pinecone scales make realistic shingles on a fairy house. Link to this Fairy House project at the bottom of this post.

Debug the scales,
Make sure to debug them especially if you're going to put the scales in the oven. What a horrible thing to cook bugs alive! You can get rid of bugs by soaking them or rinsing them under water.

Dry the cones,

If they're wet, lay them out on a cookie sheet lined with foil. There will be sap that drips so make sure to line the pan!

Bake the cones at 275 degrees for about one hour then turn them and bake for another hour. Drying time will depend on how wet the cones are so just keep checking on them. They are done when all the scales are open.

Descale them,
After the cones are cool,  run your hand over them from the tip to the base and pull the scales in the opposite direction that they grew in. Doing this makes the scales easier to get at.

Cut the top off about 2-3 inches down from the tip of the cone. Using scissors, cut the scales free!

A couple of projects to see using these scales,


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