Thursday, November 6, 2014

How Alicia Made Her Woodland Fairy House

Recently my niece Alicia came to stay with me for 10 days. She really liked my Gnome dollhouse that's currently a WIP and she wanted to make herself one like it but for Fairies instead of Gnomes. I had this small wooden dollhouse stored away that I was keeping for a future renovation so I gave it to her and she went to work!
Unfortunately we didn't take a video tour of the before and what a bummer because it would have made a great video spin reveal!!

Unfortunately we didn't take pictures of the floor while she was working on it either. The floor was done before she started on the outside. Using tiny sticks about 2x's the width of toothpicks, she glued each one in, spacing out the darker colors. After a couple coats of
golden oak stain and a sealer the floor turned out so pretty! You'll see more of the floor in the next post.

She tore off the roof, the front porch and all the frames. She made a cardboard roof with the bottom edges of the roof uneven to give it a more natural look and decided on pine cone shingles.

Wow, I love that roof, she did a fantastic job!
Once the gorgeous roof was done it was time to build up the bark.
Then she covered all the tin foil with masking tape...
and added onto the roof so the roof extends all around the house. I love how that looks!
The masking tape was covered in paper mache, then paper napkins soaked in glue over that but squished up to make it all lumpy and bumpy to give the surface a bark like texture.
After it was all dried it was time for painting! Alicia did a dark base coat then highlighted that with a lighter color.

Once the moss was added and a bit more paint it was time to decorate the outside of the house. Alicia tried out different ideas but nothing really looked fairy enough so she took a break and we decided to go thrift store shopping. While we were at a thrift store she found this bag of potpourri. The bag was a mix of  the most perfect colors for a fairy house plus it smells divine!
I never would have thought of using potpourri but how wonderfully creative. Alicia will end up using some of this on her fairy too. You'll see that in the next post :)

Click here to see the house with some fairy touches and also to see the fairy

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  1. wow! that looks so cute and whimsical great job, Alicia!


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