Do Not Disturb The Wonkies

Do not disturb the Wonkies,
Last week when I  was digging through the last little bit of the tunnel I saw a bunch of tiny creatures,  hanging upside down, in a cave just left to where I was digging.
They never noticed me as they wiggled about and it sounded like they were giggling.

My heart almost stopped on the spot because I was not expecting to find anything in there but foil and masking tape because that's what the Gnome Home is built out of.

I backed out of there as quietly and as quickly as I could. I had to go find a Gnome that could tell me what the heck those things are.

Thankfully I found Gnomey walking by the creek at that very moment. I told him what I saw and asked if I should be afraid of them. He knew exactly what creatures I was talking about without even looking!

He called Big Mack over right away and told him to go put up a sign letting others know that the tunnel has Wonkies. Then he went on to tell me everything I should know about them.

All about Wonkies,
They are similar to bats and  just slightly bigger than bumble bees. They are covered in soft, yellowish fur and have black, leathery wings that they wrap around themselves to keep warm while sleeping.

They have no teeth and only eat berries. They like all sorts of berries but prefer red huckleberries. 

They huddle together upside down inside tunnels and caves during the day, waiting for the sun to go down. If you listen closely  you can hear them giggling  it's how they talk to each other. It's such a wonderful sound, a sound that will fill your ears with joy!

Do not let the giggles fool you!
If you disturb a Wonkie you will regret it big time. They have no teeth to bite you with but  they can scream and can they scream!

Their screams are so high pitched and so hideous it'll pierce your ear drums and make them ring for a week. There's no joy to be found anywhere when a Wonkie screams at you.

Always be prepared,
If you are going to go wandering about in caves during the day it's a good idea to fill your pockets with berries first, preferably huckleberries because those are their favorites.
That way you'll have something yummy to offer should you accidentally disturb them.

Aunt Katri is on her way in with a bucket full of freshly picked huckleberries. She knows these creatures well and how to keep them giggling!

How did Wonkies come about and how did I make them?
They are funny little creatures indeed.  I knew I wanted some sort of creature to hang inside the one tunnel of the Gnome Home but wasn't sure what to make. I was thinking about bats but they would have to be much smaller.

Then I thought,  monster bees...
ohhh bee-bats, no no, bat bees??
YES! wonky bees... Wonkies!
And that's how to get a creature thought up.

I went to work but made sure not to make any parts perfect, they would have to be wonky looking.
A wonky shaped ball of foil then masking tape over the foil.
I taped in wires for toes that would be used for grabbing onto a stick.

I painted tacky glue over the tape then wrapped small pieces of  paper towel  over the glue. Then I painted glue over the paper towel. After this stage was dry I squeezed the body with pliers to shape a neck. I didn't know I was going to add in a neck until that moment.

I made their  faces and ears with paper towel soaked in glue that I smushed into shapes. I knew they would look super wonky that way.

I ended up cutting a bit off the ears as they were too long.

Next I painted them a similar color to the yarn I use for their fur.
I use acrylic yarn to make a homemade flocking.
I cut yarn up into small, small bits. Next I paint tacky glue onto where I want fur, then I put the flocking on the glue.
Let it dry for about 1/2 hour. 
Brush off the excess flocking and what's left behind is a coat of "fur".

The wings are made from masking tape laid over paper towel.

I put wire over the masking tape side then put another layer of tape over top that.

Paint black on both sides, when dry paint on watered down glue (homemade mod podge) on both sides. It feels kind of like a leather once the glue dries. 

After the glue dried I cut out bat wing shapes. I had to google bat wing templates to get the right shape.

The eyes are stick pins that I painted black. I had to cut some of the length off the pin part so they wouldn't stick out the back of the head but that was easy enough with a pair of pliers. I didn't need to glue them in, I just pushed them (took a bit of doing since I cut off the pointy part) into place and they stick there just fine.

needle felt lady gnome inside tree

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Now you know all about Wonkies. Remember to bring berries with you should you go poking about in tunnels or caves!

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  6. Thanks for the update about the Wonkies. If I go in the caves I'll be sure to bring some berries. Till next time have a great week. Bye

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