Video Tour Of My Homemade Labyrinth Worm House

Hello everyone,
Today I will give you a tour of the inside of the finished Worm House. I started this unplanned project at the end of July 2019 and finished it in mid-August.

After showing it on my fb page I promised to do a video tour as well as a tutorial for the box part that folds out along with any tutorials I may have for the contents inside. I will list what is available below, I will be adding to the list over time.

Tutorials available to make a fold out room box and some to help you get started on the contents inside:
Please consider what you will be doing to the outside of the box before working on the inside.

How to transform the box part 1
How to transform the box part 2
How to make a mini hurricane lamp
How to turn a brass kettle into a cast iron kettle
How to make a mini kitchen hutch
How to make upholstery scrap rugs
How I made a comfy chair (old blog post - new video tutorial in the works)
How to make stones out of paper cup trays
How I used wood filler and cardboard together to make beds

The exterior  of the box,
I have a previous blog post with work in progress photos and what material I used to make the bricks here.

Please keep in mind if you plan on adding the brick, you will need to decorate the inside after the brick is done and dried.

How I made the calendar:
I use paint and windows gallery for printing off images. I don't have any tutorials on resizing photos, I normally use paint to resize an image I find online. For this image I search tea time posters, saved the one I liked then resized it to 10% of the original size and clicked save.
I then opened it up again  in windows gallery and printed it off in the smallest image size available.

Same for the calendar. I searched a free printable 12 month calendar and resized it. I cut out a few of the months then glued them one over the other so it's layered just like a life sized one. I glued that over the tea poster and then the whole thing over poster board. 

Video tour of  my Labyrinth Worm House,
I hope you enjoy!