Video - Adding New Bark Over Old Bark - Gnome Home Update

needle felted gnome on stairs

Happy July 5th everyone!
I finally got to film a quick update on the Gnome's B&B. I've been working on tunnels, a new room, a new bridge, stairs, adding more bark, windows, and fungi.

I took a few moments today to also show you how I add new bark over old bark adding depth and tons of texture. I do this quite often to my trees,  it is the reason for all the nooks, crannies, and  tunnels. This technique adds so much more interest and character to an old tree.
I hope you find some inspiration as you watch!

As promised in the video there is a link list below.

handmade dollhouse bay window

homemdae gnome and rat inside a gnome home

Link list:
Fake bark tutorials - includes how to paint
How to build exterior steps
How to make tiny mushrooms
How to make shingles using cardboard
Johnny the Frog
How to make a Wonkie

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