Sunday, January 15, 2017

Gnomey Brings The Little Mouse Home

If you missed the first part, the story continues from here.

As soon as Gnomey got the little mouse home he heated him some milk while Aunt Katri sat with him by the fire. She couldn't believe this baby was out there in the cold! She feels so thankful that Gnomey was mushroom hunting and found him.
"It was meant to be." She said, "You were meant to find him. Send out word tomorrow that we found a baby mouse. We'll keep him here until his family comes for him."

They spent the rest of the day keeping the mouse as happy as they could. He ate cheese and drank warm milk until his little belly was full. They read him stories and showed him around the Stump House.
Tonight they got an old basket from one of the guest rooms that will

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Gnomey Found a Baby Mouse

Early this morning while the sun was still sleeping, Gnomey went out mushroom hunting. He pulled his sled behind him and enjoyed the quiet. The only sounds he could hear was the sled skis gliding over the snow and a few early birds chirping a sweet tune.
Halfway to the spot he knew mushrooms were still growing he saw something blue, just over in the bushes, something tiny and blue!
What's that? he asked himself
It's moving! He had to investigate.
And there he was. A baby mouse clutching a teddy bear and a small

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Wee Baby Mouse ~ I love you!

Here he is!

This morning I went to look for him and could not find him anywhere! My heart fell into my feet, I figured he got mixed up in the x-mas garbage and was gone. My kids helped me look. But it was me who found him in the end.
I went down on my hands and knees looking under furniture and praying. Finally, there he was! Squished up against the wall, in between cables behind my desk. I could barely see him, it was his little blue blankey that stood out.. thank goodness for that.
I screamed, "THERE HE IS!" and I scared my kids, lol
I was so relived. He's now safe and sound in the Bed & Breakfast with Aunt Katri to watch over him.

Okay, let's start at the beginning.

I made about 15 mice forms in Dec/2016 and this wee mouse was one of them. I just picked the smallest one I made and went to work on him. I will work on them one by one. It'll be a long project.

Don't mind my Gnome there, he's nosey and gets in the middle of everything! He thought he could blend in but he stands out like a sore thumb, doesn't he? The little mouse pictured here is the same one