Friday, January 29, 2016

Old Cast Iron Stove For Aunt Katri

Ahti and Gnomey were out walking yesterday and they spotted this old cookstove just off of the trail. "Look at that!" said Ahti as he ran over to it barely believing his own eyes. It took a few seconds for Gnomey to catch up,  "who would just abandon such a fine stove like this?" he asked. They looked it over, opened and closed the doors, checked the pipes for holes. Ahti notes the surface rust but quickly determined

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Handmade Miniature Dome Top Steamer Trunk

Today I finished making a dome top trunk for the dollhouse. It took about 3 days to make, that's working quite a few hours a night. If I knew what I was going to do before I started each step it might have taken less time, even though it was made pretty much the same way I made my previous one, a dome top trunk with a tray is a bit more finicky to make. But it turned out even better than I imagined it would, I'm so happy with it!

I've started filling the trunk with keepsakes I thought would belong to an old Gnome lady. On one side is a bundle of old letters tied with string and with those an old black and white photo. Could one of

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Dollhouse Trunk Made For A Gnome

An old wooden trunk for Aunt katri! I normally write a little story to go with each new piece I make but this time I have to do it backwards. I want to fill the trunk with keepsakes before I add it into the ongoing story of the Tree Stump House. Today I'll just show it to you and explain how I made it. And it's not actually wood at all.

The How:

1) I don't use a ruler or anything when I make miniatures, most everything is custom fit to the project I'm working on at that time. I made this trunk to sit at the foot of Aunt Katri's bed. I used tinfoil and

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Miniature Braided Rug

The boys tried their hand at rug making. Aunt Katri was in desperate need of a rug since the floors are pretty cold in the mornings before the fire gets lit. They quietly snuck it in while she was sleeping. I think she'll love it. One of you boys should light that fire before she wakes up, get it all cozy in there!

Aunt katri was so surprised she dropped her cane! She couldn't believe what the boys had done. She had no idea they knew how to make rugs. She just couldn't believe it. Feeling so grateful she said,

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Custom Made Snowshoes For a Gnome

gnome pulling a sled in snow

We woke up to snow falling yesterday and it continued all day. But work still needs to be done no matter the weather. Aunt Katri needed firewood to get her through the night so Ahti made himself a pair of