Saturday, November 22, 2014

Inky Cap Mushroom Tutorial

Inky Cap Mushrooms,

I wasn't planning on a tutorial for these mushrooms but after my last dollhouse update I was asked if  I'd be willing to show how I made them to which I replied, of course!
I originally made the mushrooms for the grounds surrounding my tree stump dollhouse. It's a series I'm doing here and on youtube. See the mushrooms and the dollhouse here

This tutorial will give you a basic Inky Cap mushroom but you can

Friday, November 21, 2014

Revisit The Nut House Now With Video Tour

Today I revisited the dollhouse I made from a walnut and thought I'd invite you along to visit too just in case you're new here and haven't seen this tiny nut house!

I made the furniture, fireplace mantle and stairs from polymer clay. The books from real canvas book spines and the 2 rugs I crocheted with sewing thread. Many hours I put into the tiny details and it was all trial and error with a whole lot of error but perseverance does pay off !
View a short video with before and after pictures here
or see the blog post of the fully furnished walnut here
I hope you enjoy :)

Friday, November 7, 2014

Sculpting A Riding Snail WIP

My Riding Snail Work In Progress,

Last week I introduced you to Ukki the Mushroom who will live on the grounds of the Gnome dollhouse. I made Ukki out of tin foil and paper mache then I sculpted his face from glue soaked tissue paper. Well I'm so in love with Ukki I decided to add one more character that will also live on the grounds and that will be a riding snail. Because every Gnome needs a riding snail, right?!

I'm making the snail the exact same way I did the mushroom.
The beginning stage always has me second guessing myself and there's this constant tug of war going on of  if I should keep working  on it even though it looks ridiculous or throw it in the garbage!
I worked until 2am last night and twice this guy was thrown away! Then

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Woodland Fairy Dollhouse Makeover

Alicia's Woodland Fairy House,

Isn't it gorgeous?! My niece did this dollhouse project on her recent visit to us. She started the day she arrived, of course we were doing other things too but she worked on this house every chance she got. In fact she worked on it right up to the day she had to leave 10 days later!
Ok, here's the before... you can see more before pics & how she did the makeover here.
And I think the after is stunning!
She used tin foil, paper mache, pine cones, moss, potpourri, a few

How Alicia Made Her Woodland Fairy House

Recently my niece Alicia came to stay with me for 10 days. She really liked my Gnome dollhouse that's currently a WIP and she wanted to make herself one like it but for Fairies instead of Gnomes. I had this small wooden dollhouse stored away that I was keeping for a future renovation so I gave it to her and she went to work!
Unfortunately we didn't take a video tour of the before and what a bummer because it would have made a great video spin reveal!!

Unfortunately we didn't take pictures of the floor while she was working on it either. The floor was done before she started on the outside. Using tiny sticks about 2x's the width of toothpicks, she glued each one in, spacing out the darker colors. After a couple coats of

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ukki the Mushroom Man

Let me introduce Ukki Sieni.

Ukki is my mushroom man that I just made for my Gnome house. You can read how I made him here. His name is Finnish which means "Grandpa Mushroom".  This is my first attempt at sculpting a human like face and I'm really pleased how it turned out. I'll probably make

Mushroom Man in the Works Part 2

continuing on from Little Old Mushroom Man In The Works

I made the mushroom stem and cap from tin foil covered with masking tape then paper mache over that.  I used a mixture of acrylic paints to paint everything. For his face color I just mixed red and white until I was happy with what I had. When it was time for eyeballs I had no idea at first what I would use and in fact this whole project has not been planed out, I'm just figuring it out as I go along! So tiny spit balls for eyeballs?? No no, haha, but that's what they reminded me of when I was putting them in. I just used tissue rolled in glue. Worked great!
In the first picture you can see his face is out of shape and that's because he was still a bit wet under his skin so I just reshaped him as I went along.

I thought he should have something on his body stem to balance out his head so decided to go with stalk like arms which are semi-fixed to