Monday, April 20, 2015

Gnomey Goes Into The Woods Finds Fairy Doors

It has been too long since Gnomey and I had some time together so yesterday out of pure guilt I went to check on him. I found him drinking coffee near the mushroom patch. He didn't notice me so I quietly went away for I had made plans with my son for a hike and I had no time to play with Gnomey.

BUT my son's plans changed at the last minute. At that same time my daughter came home from a friend's. I asked her if she wanted to hike with me and it was a huge YES! She had hiked a trail with her school a few days prior and she was excited to show me what she found on this trail... fairy doors!!!

And at this same time I had posted Gnomey and his coffee on my  facebook page and mentioned I was off  to hike.
A friend of mine, Jay Williams (see Jay's blog The Witch's House) commented I should tuck Gnomey in my pocket and take him along. Little did Jay know my plans had changed and I was off to see fairy doors. Was that meant to be or what?! So Gnomey was tucked into

Sunday, March 15, 2015

What Else Was In That Bag

Yesterday I showed you the teeny, tiny people I found in a bag while sorting through my minis. If you missed it, see them here visiting my Walnut Dollhouse.  And today  I'll show you what else was in that bag. It's actually a mini goldmine of tiny figurines. By goldmine I don't mean a whole lot but what was in there gives me so much inspiration for future dioramas.
The bag pictured here is my sorted bag. The bag I found them in yesterday was a darker, thrift store bag that I never bothered to open.. It was ripped so I probably had a glance inside when I first bought it but then I threw it into

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Teeny Tiny People

For the last 2 days I've been sorting through my miniatures that I've collected over the years from thrift stores. I shamefully admit that I've been a mini hoarder, just throwing everything into shoe boxes, not really paying attention to what I've bought. Minis thrown on top of minis. It's been a nightmare looking for things that I've needed along the way. And finally I had enough, I rolled up my sleeves and with little plastic baggies in hand I began the great mini sort. I should have taken a before and after photo but at the time I wasn't thinking about blogging the end result and I wondered if I'd ever see the end! But after 3 hours I had this box done. And now 2 days later I have 5 of these sorted boxes. The 4 others are mostly furniture. I stuck to it, yay me!
Click on photos to enlarge them

And the mini Gods rewarded me for changing my hoarding ways! I found teeny, tiny people amongst the rubble! They were inside a tiny

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gnomey Gets A Bonus Room

Remember when Gnomey decided he wanted a door? If not, take a quick look here. When I agreed to add the door I had no idea how deep that "bark" went. When I was done digging my way through that bark (tinfoil) I realized it went so deep I could add a bonus room!

Give me a hand Gnomey and hold the other end of the ruler please.... wow, 5.5 inches across! That's plenty space for a mud room. What do you think Gnomey? We can put in a stove. Put up hooks for your wet clothes to dry on.. maybe some storage space for your fishing

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mushroom Outhouse Fit For A Gnome

An outhouse fit for a Gnome!

This is actually the 2nd outhouse I've made for this gnome.. back in 2013 I made him a tree outhouse with a wooden roof. You can see that one here. Then the other night I decided a mushroom would suit him better so I went to work. What I did was just cover the old one to save on time. The old one never did get a door so the door you see is

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fake Bark For Making Fairy or Gnome Houses New Revised Tutorial

Hello everyone!

This post gives you a new video plus an outline to how I made the fake bark on my  two Tree Stump houses pictured below. The one on the left is a wooden dollhouse that I covered in fake bark and the one on the right is a cardboard box that I covered in fake bark. Both are very sturdy and will stand up to regular wear and tear of play.

I've given you the supplies list plus detailed the steps below but please view the video right here, I think it'll be helpful as I give tips along the way that I learned from trial and error.


cardboard boxes or a large can
cheap tin foil *do not get the non-stick kind, that will not work
wide masking tape
 hot glue
paper towel with no print or pattern on it. Cascades 100% recycled paper towel works best
tacky glue
paint. Whatever color you want. I used acrylic craft paint in dark brown and nutmeg
*optional* minwax (I used red oak)
if you use minwax then you will also need a matte sealer. I used a spray on and that worked great.

Video Tutorial:
  I do go over briefly each step I took to get the box ready for the bark and also briefly how I did the wooden floors. These steps added time that you might not be interested in. If you'd rather skip all the steps and get right to the bark tutorial then fast forward the video to 12:07. Click here to view the video

Step one:

prepare the box or can. Cut out windows and doors, paint the interior and add in floors. Glue the house to a base. Any size will do just be

Twig Art Easel

I was trying to think of a way to keep Gnomey busy while I work on his house. He tends to get in my way and he's always giving me orders! So late last night before I went to bed the thought came to me, painting! Make the little man an easel and tell him he's an artist. We'll need some art to hang on the walls anyway :)
So I saw my bucket of twigs and next thing I knew I was building an art easel. It really was simple, took me maybe 10 minutes tops and it