Thursday, August 11, 2016

Acorn Cap Postal Scale

Gnomey has been setting up a Post Office. I gifted him with this postal scale that I made from:
One acorn cap, silver button, tip off a florist stick, bead and a piece of cardboard. I used a photo of an antique postal scale that I found online for the scale face.

Not bad, hey?

See Gnomey with his new scale here

Gift For Gnomey And Lost Glasses

It was time to close up the Post Office for the night. Gnomey stopped to admire his new postal scale for one last time before he left. He thought himself to be very lucky to have it as it will make his job much easier. He also felt sentimental knowing that parts, like the acorn cap, came from Finland.

(When I visited family there in 2014 I picked a pocket full of acorn caps from a tree that stood right beside a house my great grandfather had built. I knew I would use them one day in the dollhouse. I was

Monday, August 8, 2016

Miniature Postal Cupboard

A postal cupboard for the Gnome Home. I made it from wood my Dad gifted me. I stained it with instant coffee and filled it up with tiny letters. Turned out pretty fabulous, I really love it.

With this Gnome Home it seems almost  everything I make has some sentimental value to me. The white paper I used to make the miniature mail is actually cut from an envelope my cousin sent me from Finland. The stamps are all cut from the stamps she used to mail it. Makes me smile just looking at this miniature mail. I hope it made you smile too :)

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