Friday, July 14, 2017

Paddington Thrift Store Make Over

Happy Friday everyone! I gave my vintage Paddington a makeover. He turned out more fabulous than I thought he would! I absolutely love him.
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Flashback to 2014

In 2014 I found this miniature Paddington in a thrift store. I loved him even though his coat was all faded and falling apart. It was obvious he had been sitting on a windowsill for years where the sun took a toll.
Here's an excerpt from my blog post the day I found him,
"My son and I went for a walk today and about 15 minutes after we started out the sun came out in full force and wow, it got super hot! We were not dressed for that kind of weather so we ducked into a thrift store to escape the heat. As I was wandering about I spotted this bear laying at the bottom of an empty sorting cart. Whoever was loading the shelves left him behind and didn't put him out for sale so it was my lucky day! The lady there pretty much just let me have him charging only a quarter so he really was a thrifty find."
He is 2 inches tall. His foot is stamped, Eden. He's flocked with no moving parts. His hat is removeable.

Tomorrow never comes...

I planned on fixing him up but you know how things go, tomorrow leads to another tomorrow and soon I forgot about him.  3 years went by when I found him again the other night in a junk box.

Please look after this bear!

 I decided that now is the time, no more leaving him in a junk box! After all his tag reads, "Please look after this bear, thank you." And that's what I intended to do. It didn't take much but did take a bit of time.. and finally, just after midnight he was done. 

How I did it
I made the new coat by cutting wee sections of fabric. A section for the back, front and arms. I really didn't want to sew anything since it's so hard to do that on such tiny things. I used glue for everything. I  rolled the ends of each section first, making seams, then glued the seams to hold them and glued each section to the bear. I added bits of fabric for the collar.
I painted his  faded yellow hat with acrylic craft paint then used a clear spray on sealer over the paint. The buttons are toothpicks that I cut and added a line with a pen to make it look like his coat is buttoned up.

He's a traveling bear

His first trip was to the B&B where Aunt Katri greeted hm at the door.
She said,
"Hello, little Bear. You look hungry. Would you like to come in and have some stew? Can I take your coat. My, what a wonderful coat it is!"
Paddington replied, 
"Yes please! I am indeed very hungry today. I have been trying to get here for 3 years. I was held up in a place where it was dark. My coat was dusty and old.. it made me sneeze. This morning when I woke up the sun was shining. I had a new coat and ..."
He went on to tell her all about it, interrupting himself to tell her the stew smells delicious!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Gnome Home Video Update

homemade gnome dollhouse
Happy July 2017,

Yesterday I uploaded a new video to my youtbube channel, yahoo! It's an update of  the B&B. The last update I did was Sept 2nd 2016. That's just crazy!
There's been a ton of changes since then. I actually forgot  to mention some of them in the video but that's okay, you'll get a good idea what I've been doing anyway...
but first...

The house has grown SO much since 2014 

Someone asked me just today how long have I been building onto this house. I had to go back and see the very first video I ever did. It was 2014 when I took a tiny wooden dollhouse and decided to turn it into a stump. Believe it or not, this large home is that same home from this video, I just kept building onto it. I never imagined back then what

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

No! Not A Cat ~ How Could You

Early this morning, while I was still sleeping, I felt a *thump thump thump* on my forehead. I opened my eyes and looked up, there was Gnomey, standing there, hands on his hips, one eyebrow raised way up high and one eyebrow very low... I think that's called the stink eye.
I said "Hey Gnomey! What are you doing?!"
He was very displeased, it took him a moment to speak. His lips were tight and all weird looking. Finally, after giving more of the stink eye, he points over there and...
"Just what is that thing? That.. that furball over there!"
I look over and my heart immediately melts into a puddle.. there he is! The newest member of my family, baby Loki.. our little bundle of grey fur. My purr baby, lol  <3
Gnomey's heart clearly wasn't melting. He shakes his head, "WHAT have you done?! Do you know what that thing could do to us, to our home, to our things!" Why?! Why did you do that?!"
I laughed and told him it would be okay! We'll adjust.. he's just a baby! He's beautiful and loving.. okay, he's a bit crazy sometimes but give him toys and he's very entertaining to watch!
None of that seemed to help the situation at hand though. Gnomey, with his hands back on his hips, and one eyebrow raised way up high, one eyebrow very low, says to me in a low Gnome voice, "We were perfectly happy. You have brought a monster into this house."
Then he spun around and walked back to the Bed & Breakfast. Before he could slam the door, with a giggle I yelled out.. "Hey Gnomey! Better keep the doors locked!!" And then I snuggled my kitty and smothered him in kisses, "Who loves the kitty? Who loves the kitty! I do! I love the kitty!" lol
Gnomey will come around, eventually.
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 Born March 22nd 2017, Loki Sebastian Ojala.  He's beautiful and a ton of fun. My kids and I have had a million laughs already watching him play. Loki means "mischief maker" which he's living up to already.  He'll run around the living room like a crazy kitty then dash into the cat house I made him, bash around in there a bit and come flying out one of the peek a boo windows, looking totally insane, lol SO fun! And when he snuggles up to me to go to sleep..oh my goodness, life is good!
 He LOVES his cat house house! I'm going to add onto it though.. you know me ;)

Loki has his own instagram! I decided that would be the best way for family to keep up and also satisfy my need to show him off. I love him! Follow him here